Tatiana Sentamans Gómez  Vice-Rector of Culture and University Extension

Esther Fuentes Marhuenda  Deputy Vice-Chancellor of University Extension

Javier Moreno Pérez Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Culture

Francisco Javier Toledo Melero Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Language Promotion

Esther Sitges  Director of Sabiex

Enrique Conejero Paz  Director of Summer Courses

Maria José Alarcón Director of the Equality Unit

Matilde Baño Caballero  Office of Culture and Equality / Office of Lenguages


The main functions of the Vice President of Culture and University Extension are:

  • The cultural activities of the University
  • The coordination of courses and college outreach and extracurricular education.
  • The coordination of Summer School.
  • The coordination of the College Classroom Experience and Environmental Office.
  • Publications of the University.
  • The coordination of advocacy language.
  • Forecasting and scheduling infrastructure, material resources, equipment and space necessary to meet the goals of culture and university extension.
  • The power to authorize and provide for expenses and order payments within the scope of its powers.
  • The subscription, on behalf of the Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche, contracts, agreements or covenants on matters within its competence.
Ms María Concepción Teruel Ato
Rectory Building and Social Council – 4th floor
Avenida de la Universidad, s / n
03202 Elche (Alicante)
Tel: (0044) 965 22 25 41

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